Gregor Kofler Photography
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About my Hobby

After years of point-and-shoot photography with compact cameras, things changed with my first SLR, a Nikon F-601, in 1995. Soon my ambitions rose...


Whilst I use digital equipment, I frequently put my analog cameras to use. In the analog field I use a Nikon F5, Nikon FM3a and a Mamyia RZ67 medium format camera.

Lenses cover the focal range from 24mm to 300mm and are almost exclusively made by Nikon, too. Neither have I ever been a fan of extreme wide-angular perspectives, nor do I want to carry the burden of super-long tele lenses, but I still prefer fixed-focal lenses landscape photography.

The digital equipment is comprised of a Nikon LS-4000 slide scanner, a Nikon D40 as the lightweight hiking companion of choice, and a Nikon D700 for professional assignments.

Published Work

Being an amateur, getting my work published was never a prime concern.
However, several of my Iceland and Alps photos where published in Berge, a few in the French magazine 3e millénaire.

Farmland near Monkton, Ayrshire

One of my first "deliberately" taken photos in August 1995
Nikon F-601 w/ Sigma 28-105/4-5.6
(the poor quality of the lens is evident in this scan without any particular postprocessing)